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Voter FAQs

Am I registered to Vote?
 Follow the Link below to check your voter registration status:

How do I register to vote?
 If you have an Illinois issued Driver’s License of ID Card follow the link below to register online.
If you do not have an Illinois issued ID you can download a mail-in voter registration form, print it and mail into the office at 542 SW Adams Peoria, Il 61602. You can also visit any library, township hall or our office. You will need to bring two forms for ID , one of which has you current address.

What do I need toto register to vote?
Illinois requires two forms of ID, one showing your current residential address. You must also provide the last four of your Social Security number and/or your Illinois Driver’s License or State Identification number.

Where is my polling place?
 Follow the link below to find your polling place:

What do I need to provide when I Vote?
 Illinois is a no ID State. Election Judges will verify using your signature. You will also be asked to state your full name and residential address and in the case of a primary election your party preference.


Are Election Judges paid for working during an election?

Election Judges are paid $155 for working on Election Day and $10 per hour for working during Early Voting. All Election Judges must attend training before each election to be eligible to work.

Can I vote by mail?

Contact the Peoria County Board of Election Commissioners to request that a Vote by Mail application be mailed to you. You may do this by mail, telephone,  or under the "Vote" tab select "Obtain a Vote by Mail Ballot". Anyone can Vote by Mail, no reason is required..

Do I need to provide I.D. at the polling place?

You do not need to provide I.D. at the polling place on Election Day to vote unless: If you registered by mail and have not voted since you registered, you need two (2) forms of identification with your current address printed thereon.

How do I vote?

Click here to learn more on How to Vote.

What if I move and/or change my name?

If you move, you must file a written change of address with the Election Authority. The back of your Voter Registration Card contains a Change of Address Form. If you don't have your card, a handwritten note with your signature is sufficient. If you change your name, you must complete a new voter registration form.

When can I vote?

The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Check your Voter Card for your Election Day Polling Place Location or click on "Registration" tab.

Grace Period Registration allows a resident to register or change their address between the 28th and 4th day prior to an election. Grace Period Registration is only avaliable at the Board of Election Commissioners Office. If a resident who registers or changes their address during this time frame wishes to vote in the upcoming election, he/she must do so at the time of registration or change of address.

See Grace Period Registration under the Registration tab for election specific dates..

Where can I register to vote?

In addition to the Board of Election Commissioners Office, registrations are taken at the Peoria County Courthouse, City Hall-City Clerk's Office, the Driver's License Facility, and any Peoria Public Library. You may also register by mail.

Where do I vote on Election Day?

Your polling place location is printed in the upper left corner of your Voter Registration Card. If you cannot locate your Voter Registration Card, click on "Where to Vote" tab.

Who can register to vote?

Anyone who is: 1) 18 years old on or before the date of the next scheduled election, 2) a citizen of the United States, and 3) a legal resident of the City of Peoria.

Who can serve as an Election Judge?

Any registered voter who can read, write, and speak the English language and can perform simple math.

In addition, High School Juniors and Seniors who maintain a 3.0 grade point average are eligible to serve.

To learn more about becoming an Election Judge, Click Here for an application.

Who do I call to get a ride to the polls?

(309) 689-8467 - Republican Headquarters
(309) 676-0380 - Democrat Headquarters

(309) 999-3667 - CityLift Certified Customers Only! 24 hour notice required.

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