Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act Requests

Requests for public records under the Freedom of Information Act may be made in person during normal office hours, by e-mail to or by mail to Thomas Bride, Executive Director, 542 SW Adams St Peoria, IL 61602.

Freedom of Information Officers

Thomas Bride, Executive Director

Elizabeth Gannon, Assistant Executive Director

Peoria County Board of Election Commissioners

The Peoria County Board's Monthly Meeting is the Second Tuesday of the month at 2 pm at the Peoria County Election Commisssion Office at 542 SW Adams St Peoria, IL 61602.

The Peoria County Board of Election Commissioners supervises elections and voter registration in the County of Peoria. The Board is composed of five members appointed by the Circuit Court. Each Commissioner is appointed to a three year term (not including initial appointments) and shall at the time of the appointment have been a resident of the State of Illinois for at least 2 years. No commissioner can hold any other political office. 

The Commissioners' salary is $3,200 per year, if they accept a salary. 

The current Board is composed of the following members:


David Collins, Chairman (term expires August 2018)                        709 S Praireview Dr Dunlap, IL 61525                                            309 696-4986  

Matt Bartolo, Vice Chairman  (Term expires August 2018)                439 N Longbow Dr Peoria, IL 61604                                              309 363-9294 

LaColis Reed, Treasurer (Term expires August 2020)                1502 W Buckingham Dr Peoria, IL 61614                                        309 692-1271

Camille Gibson, Secretary (Term expires August 2019)                    1627 W Columbia Terr Peoria, IL 61606                                             309 673-7289      

Mark Ketterer Commissioner (Term expires August 2019)                 460 E High Point Peoria, IL 61614                                                 309 251-7912                                

The Board appoints an Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director.

The current Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director are:

Executive Director

Thomas Bride

Assistant Executive Director

Elizabeth Gannon

Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Mission of the Peoria County Election Commission is to conduct accurate, secure, fair and accessible local, state and federal elections with the highest level of professionalism and integrity in a manner that fosters public trust and confidence in the democratic process.

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